Kevin Penzance 2019 taken at a very special and enjoyable day

A true maverick who has happily followed his own path through life where painting and creating has been a corner stone in his life. 

Badly educated at Clark’s College in Bromley Kent, where he specialised in not attending hardly any lessons apart from art. Kevin initially followed a career in retail management with the John Lewis Partnership in London. When his father suddenly died of pancaras cancer; he took his father advice and followed his heart into working as a full time artist. A move to the Hampshire brought him into contact with Prince George Galleries and Richard Joicey RSMA. Richard took Kevin under his wing and taught him ‘how to paint properly’.

Numerous commissions and exhibitions later a well respected and collected artist had emerged. Seeking new pastures Kevin undertook a B’ed qualification and found himself teaching art in secondary schools in Hampshire. He loved the teaching and inspiring pupils to find the love of art.

In 2000 Kevin moved to Cornwall following the path trod by so many before where the beauty of Cornwall soon filled his heart, pallete and art.

Throughout his time in Cornwall he has kept his art as a personal journey. Now in his sixties he is beginning to share his love again.

‘Art is a very private journey. To share this journey you need to be very comfortable with not only who you are, but understand that we are all just passing through. Art makes sense of this for me’.

Enjoy looking at my work from many years of painting, growing, living and loving.

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Kev 2019

Collie 2019: Visit the Dog Gallery to understand kevin and his love of dogs and painting them