Dogs have been an essential part of my life. Over the years I have completed numerous private commissions for paintings of peoples much loved dogs. Many of many landscapes include dogs. These paintings are a small selection of digital and original paintings. I am more than happy to discuss commissions for paintings of dogs, either digitally or as an original painting.

Dachshund 2019 limited edition prints available © Kevin J Collins

I’ve been painting dogs for years. I have had a dog as a constant companion for almost as many years. Life and home is never complete without a four legged buddy. But it was not aways like this for me.

I think I’d better explain what it is about me and dogs.

I grew up in a small ‘cul de sac’ on the outskirts of London, Chislehurst Kent.

We lived at the top of the road and at the bottom were families with dogs….

One such family owned some garages and had some large guard dogs which lived with them.

I was always told by my mother not to go down the road because of the dogs. As soon as I did one bit me and that was that, if I saw a dog I ran for my life.

So basically until I was into my 20’s I was scared of dogs.

Then one day the nearest and dearest decided it was time we got a dog. From day one I was totally smitten; dogs were just the best.

Boy running from a dog he thinks is too scary © 2019 Kevin J Collins
Hector in France © 2019

By the time I was painting full time in the 80’s I was already doing paintings of peoples pets, mainly dogs. I just love the whole process; going for a walk with the dogs, getting to know their characters. Then taking some pictures as reference for the paintings.

These days it’s mainly digital work which offers so much more freedom to use the art.

This painting is of Hector my PBGV and best buddy. We have been constant companions for the last 10 years. He has been through the wards and now has failing eye sight. He is the happiest gentlest fun loving dog you could wish for.


He has traveled all over Europe with me. 

I also ran a dog treat company called Hungry Hector based around Hector so he became a vary famous dog for a while. One of the most painful episodes was having to close the business. It was one of the worst days of my life.

Collies are such lovely intelligent dogs. Bonnie was the elderly statesdog in the village. Lived in the localpub and she threw an 18th birtday party and invited the her dog pals from the whole village. 

A grand time was had by all.

Happy lovely Collies © Kevin j Collins 2019
Beautiful gentle and strong Huskies © Kevin j Collins 2019

We were in Finland at Inari to see the reindeer racing. See the travels gallery for more on this.

Whilst there we took the opportunity to go out with the local Huskies. These were three of the team which pulled our sledge. Resting whilst we had a spot of lunch. A wonderful day out with some very special dogs.

We were truffle hunding deep in the woods south of Turin.

The relationship between the truffle hunter and his dog was built on years of trust and loyalty.

Three truffles were found and we were allowed to take home the spoils. 

The pasta that night in the flat was rather special.

Truffle hunting in Piedmont © Kevin J Collins 2019